Basket Ease ® SCALLOPED FOOD CONTAINERS -- The Easy Way to Make Fruit Baskets!

Our company offers one-of-a-kind, specially designed containers for use by grocery store produce departments and protected by federally registered product configuration trademarks and/or the patent system. The containers are made in the USA to assure high quality products. We use plastic and colorant that is FDA approved for food to assure that you will be getting high quality containers that meet or exceed FDA standards. The size and shape of each container is the same from container to container, allowing them to nest for compact shipping, storage and handling.

Using Basket Ease containers to make your fruit baskets makes it easy to display each piece of fruit and create a stable foundation on which to quickly build an attractive fruit array. More than one piece of fruit can be added at the same time.

Training your produce staff to make Basket Ease fruit baskets is simple and easy using our "Four Step" colored instructions, included free with every order. Additionally, using these simple, easy steps to make up each basket, the time to assemble each basket is minimized, and each finished fruit basket's size, shape and attractiveness will be exactly the same. These are some of the reasons it takes half the time to make a fruit basket using a Basket Ease container as compared to most other containers.

An added bonus, the plastic containers have endless practical uses after the fruit is eaten!