You are a very busy individual who works in an extremely demanding industry.

You consistently battle time management, reduced expenditure pressure, and workplace stress. You need a new vendor or a lower price, but your latest Google or Yellow Pages search left you with over 500 possibilities and you don't have the time to thoroughly reevaluate and negotiate with even just ten of them. You don't have the necessary time it takes to entertain the multiple sales-persons that consistently request your attention; you understand this inability to build quality relationships will directly affect your overall vendor experience. You do not have the time nor experience to professionally write a Request for Proposal (RFP) that clearly articulates your specific need for services, host a Pre-Bid Conference, conduct Personal Face-to-Face Ownership Interviews, legitimately perform Reference Checks and Legality Verifications, or execute Final Contract Negotiations to your favor. You are not an expert in every discipline that is required to run a profitable facility. You understand the vital importance of the vendor selection process as it directly relates to your bottom line; however, because you desire to be the best you can be at the multiple demands of your career, you are unable to devote the time or resources necessary to selecting the perfect vendor at the lowest possible price.

If all or any part of this scenario depicts your career dilemma; let The Vendor Solution help!

The Vendor Solution was formed specifically to alleviate this burden from you by allowing you to comfortably rely on a professional. The Vendor Solution has professionally performed our eleven (11) step evaluation process; strategically navigating the local small business maze of potential vendors, deeply analyzing each of their strengths and weaknesses to confidently partner with the most ethical vendor to match your particular culture. Please take a moment to look around our site to see how we can help you save time and money!

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I had the privilege...

of meeting Andy a year ago and since then we've had multiple visits together and I am privileged to call him my friend. Andy is truly a man of honor and upstanding character. Directed by his convictions and his personal faith, he treats everyone with courtesy and respect. Andy is a very hard worker; well-motivated, with amazing self-discipline. 

I have no doubts that Andy will capably and effectively handle any circumstance that might arise in his path and I expect to see great opportunities unfold before him in the future.

Daryl Partin, Welcome Center Director
Rutherford Chamber of Commerce