Harold  SchobertCoal in the Future...

Coal remains a vital component of the world's energy economy. Although the traditional uses, as in power generation, are in decline, coal will continue to have a role as an energy source for decades to come. Great opportunities are available for making value-added carbon materials and specialty chemicals from coal, as well as for converting coal to synthetic liquid or gaseous fuels. If you have present challenges or are interested in future opportunities, we can help you.

Our company's mission is to help clients who are involved in, or who are getting into, coal conversion or utilization. We do this in many ways: providing expert witness reports and testimony; advising on RD&D plans; analyzing and commenting on client's data; recommending research or analytical protocols; compiling critical reviews of relevant literature; and presenting short courses tailored to the client's needs.

Though our focus is on coal, we have expertise in related areas, such as heavy oils, biofuels, coke, and carbon materials. Our Chief Scientist is Harold Schobert, who has forty years' experience in research and teaching on these topics. Depending on the specific job, we can assemble a coalition of other consultants and small businesses from anywhere in the world to help you. Our services can be provided either via hourly billing or by a proposal and cost quotation for an entire job. We can also negotiate monthly retainer fees to provide an agreed-upon level of effort each month.

Nita S. Schobert